Instant Currency Converter API

Instantly convert between over 60 currencies with our simple API using PHP, Java, jQuery or anything else you use.

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Convert Over 60 Currencies

Instantly convert between over 60 of the worlds leading currencies. We use only the very latest conversion rates which are updated every 10 minutes or so.

Simple Currency Conversion API

Using our simple yet powerful conversion API you can integrate our service into your new or existing software in just a couple of minutes.

PHP Currency Converter API

Simply copy and paste a few lines into your new or existing PHP application to instantly begin using our powerful currency conversion API.

  • Instant Currency Converter

    You can easily convert between any of over 60 currencies using the latest currency conversion rates. Some currency examples include:

    United States Dollar
    Pound Sterling
    Australian Dollar
    Canadian Dollar
    Swiss Franc
    Indian Rupee
    Japanese Yen
    South African Rand

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  • Lightning Fast REST API

    Our super speedy REST API enables you to convert between over 60 currencies and get a respone that suits you. Our API returns either the converted amount or a JSON response.

    Example API JSON response:

    {status: 'success', from: 'gbp', to: 'usd', 'amount': 100, 'converted': 56.9183}

    Alternatively you can request a non-JSON response which just returns the converted amount.

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  • PHP Currency Converter

    Drop the following couple of lines into your PHP enabled web application along with our PHP API for instant currency conversions.

    $apiKey = '{YOUR-API-KEY}';
    // Get JSON response
    $response = currency_convert_api(

    It really is that simple!

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